WMT has developed and patented a ground breaking technology for the production of glass coated micro wires. This “disruptive” technology enables continuous production of micro wires with diameters from 5 to 75 microns.

The unique micro wire casting machinery that has been built makes use of principles from the classical “Taylor-Ulitovski process”, developed in the 1940’s. These scientists were the “grand-fathers” of the industry whereby it was envisaged that a metal alloy and glass could be heated together to produce a glass-coated micro wire.

The current WMT casting machines were designed and built in 2012, following many years of research, and began wire production for a number of industries including the semi-conductor industry. This revolutionary process is vastly different from other wire machinery available in the industry that use wire drawing as the method for creating glass-coated micro wire.

The proprietary WMT process enables the following:

  • Continuous production
  • Consistent wire thickness
  • High quality
  • Wide range of materials
  • Wire is glass coated


Wire Thickness

WMT is able to produce a wide range of glass-coated micro wires from 5 microns to 75 microns. WMT is able to vary both the glass thickness as well as the core thickness.

Length and Shape

WMT is able to produce micro wire on bobbins of up to 10km’s (or even greater). This is well above the industry standard. Wire is also produced in other shapes as per the clients’ requirements.


WMT is able to produce micro wire from a wide range of materials and alloys.

The casting machine as well as the process relating to the wire production has been patented by WMT, with patents granted in a number of countries around the world.

This project has received funding from European Union's Horizon 2020
Researh and innovation programme under rant agreement SecWire No 868224

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