WMT is an Israeli based company, specialising in the production of glass coated micro wires.  Eliezer Adar, a serial entrepreneur and the holder of many patents, founded the company in 2008.

The Team makes uses of a multi-disciplinary approach combining physics, metallurgy, power management (induction) and nanotechnology.

Eliezer Adar, Founder and CTO

Eliezer Adar (MA, Tel Aviv) is the founder and CTO, focused on new applications within the wire environment as well as upgrades to current wire production technologies. He has over 25 years of experience in founding and managing technical from early “start up” stage to a “full maturity” stage. Eliezer was involved in the invention of approximately 90 patents and numerous production machines for Amorphous Metal based products.

Gavin Glick, CEO

Gavin Glick (BSc Engineering, South Africa) is the CEO of WMT, focused on business management as well as strategic business development. He was involved in many successful businesses in South Africa within the financial as well as waste management sectors.


WMT is a subsidiary company of DTNR, a holding company focused and committed to
innovation within the amorphous metal, physics and nano-technology arenas.

This project has received funding from European Union's Horizon 2020
Researh and innovation programme under rant agreement SecWire No 868224

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