WMT has partnered with many industry leaders in developing specific applications that use micro wires, both glass coated and uncoated. In a society in which “wireless” communication is so much part of its makeup, wires and cables are still the basis for many products and applications.

Fine and micro wires have uses in a wide range of industries and applications including:

  • Electronics
  • High Tech
  • Cabling
  • Medical / Health
  • Security
  • Aviation
  • Military

WMT is committed to finding strategic partners in the development of new applications. For further information as well as potential partnerships please contact us.

Below are some examples of applications developed together with WMT using their glass coated micro wires.

Article Protection using magnetic
glass coated micro wires

Our client requested a solution for theft prevention. Within the hospitality environment thousands of towels and other linen get stolen every year. The WMT solution involves a plastic coated magnetic thread, inserted into the garment. This thread is then detectable using electro magnetic gates placed at key access points.

Aircraft cable using 40 micron wire

Tensile cables are used in almost every application. The aircraft cable provided is a 7×7 custom cable that is less then 0.4mm in diameter. These cables exhibit a very high strength to weight ratio.

Glass Nanowires of less then 1 micron

These nano wires were developed for a research institution requiring wires in bundles of less than 1 micron each.

Security paper using magnetic glass coated micro wires

WMT currently supplies wires pieces to paper producers that are included in the production process. These wires give the paper its own unique magnetic signature, allowing them to be authenticated.


This project has received funding from European Union's Horizon 2020
Researh and innovation programme under rant agreement SecWire No 868224

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